RagWing Special #312

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A few things I am learning that you won't find in the plans!

Including a little boat I built for my wife, it was so much fun I built a slightly taller one for myself.. links to the plans included

Please mail me if you have any questions,  comments, suggestions or gripes!




This is what a finished RW2 should look like..  and it's in my color too!

Click the picture for the "official" "Ragwing Aircraft Design" (RAD) site. 

Some other builders "Specials" click for larger size

Rick Lapinsky's fine example

Tom Jeschke's nicely finished bird

Dennis Frey's "Reds Baron" has a style of it own

David Morrow shows us this plane is elegant in the sky too

jeff.jpg (11818 bytes)

And Jeff Faith does a low pass on a hazy still morning

Carlos Gurr has a pretty detailed log with plenty of step by step pictures, I quite often take a peek for reference

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Tools I have amassed

Tools I will be using for my project. These are not essential as this plane can be built with the minimum of tools. I happen to love tools and gadgets and my collection is growing :o)


Saw table:  Bolt the old Skilsaw underneath and away you go! Not the best solution but it does do the task.

circular.jpg (6047 bytes)


10" Compound Miter Saw: YESSSS..!!

miter.jpg (22212 bytes)


grinder.jpg (22347 bytes)


jigsaw.jpg (15736 bytes)

Clamping table:

table.jpg (24341 bytes)

Belt Sander:

belt.jpg (17601 bytes)

Detail Sander:

mouse.jpg (16390 bytes)

Cordless Drill:

drill.jpg (15821 bytes)

Grinder: Got this new for 12 bucks at a flea market with free disk!!  it ROCKS I see the same thing on Ebay for $4 ($8 shipping)  ah well there ya go. I also happen to like flea markets.

angle.jpg (19558 bytes)

Staple gun:  $17.50 from Lowes, pretty good deal I though.. and if you saw it cheaper.. I don't wanna know RIGHT!!

powershot.jpg (20648 bytes)

Misc Tools:

misc.jpg (19495 bytes)

misc1.jpg (26921 bytes)

Hey, we all know what clamps look like..!!    Anyway, I'm amassing a whole boatload as I know I am going to need them.