RagWing Special #312

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A few things I am learning that you won't find in the plans!

Including a little boat I built for my wife, it was so much fun I built a slightly taller one for myself.. links to the plans included

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This is what a finished RW2 should look like..  and it's in my color too!

Click the picture for the "official" "Ragwing Aircraft Design" (RAD) site. 

Some other builders "Specials" click for larger size

Rick Lapinsky's fine example

Tom Jeschke's nicely finished bird

Dennis Frey's "Reds Baron" has a style of it own

David Morrow shows us this plane is elegant in the sky too

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And Jeff Faith does a low pass on a hazy still morning

Carlos Gurr has a pretty detailed log with plenty of step by step pictures, I quite often take a peek for reference

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The Amazing One Sheet Skiff

I have always wanted a sailing boat, or even a little rowing boat, but never really thought I would have one Until I found a set of plans on this web site called The One-Sheet Skiff (OSS)

Herb McLoud in his creation

Here is the guy who kindly put the plans on the internet so we could all finally take to the waters with the minimum of fuss. His name is Herb McLoud and I'm very glad he did. Check his page and plans out at the link above.

I originally wanted to build an Airplane but my wife said that I could only have an airplane when she gets her boat.!!  HA.!!!!     Well, after the successful launch I watched my wife vanish into the distance, I kind off had the feeling I was going to be spending allot of time alone, so I set to work on one for myself. It was built in record time although in my rush I had made a silly mistake.

Firstly I decided to make it an inch taller, but that wasn't a problem, when it came to measuring for the cross brace the instructions said 3' 8.5" and I counted out 38.5" That meant the cross brace was six inches further forward than it should have been. BUT it actually turned out rather pleasing, although one of the gun whales (fir) exploded as I was fitting it due to the extra bend, quite impressive it was too, I quickly made another from pine as that's all I had. (I do both sides at a time to balance the stress) And I had another one in place even before the glue (Liquid nails tub surrounds) had dried....phew.!! But it was well worth it in the end.

As I required two sheets of ply (10 US$ each) for my taller "10" boat I thought I would make the oars a little wider too. Mine are 5" wide and made from a couple of broom handle bought at the flea market for a dollar each. I Used my Skillsaw to cut a quarter inch slit in each one, (not an easy task with a hand held) then I  inserted the paddle blades and fixed with some .75cent doweling and wood glue, an ample coating of polyester resin sealed them nicely.

I bought a car repair fiberglass cloth and used three tins of polyester resin on each boat. I cut the cloth into 5 equally wide strips and used two end to end for each side covering the chine logs and wrapping underneath to cover the screws that hold the bottom on. And the remainder I used on the joins of the transom and the stem, I used masking tape at the edges and when the resin had dried I cut off the excess cloth with a sharp knife and it left a reasonable finish, once the sides had a coat or two it was barely noticeable to the eye. The remainder of the resin and cloth was used for the underside. I put a strip at the back of the keel and anything I had left at the nose, as that would be the initial impact area when coming back to shore. I think these spots are going to have to be looked at quite often as after just a few outing there are more scores underneath than I would like, Maybe I'll add a couple of strips of wood to take the brunt.!

My Intention was always to fit a mast and sail, nothing too tall of course and I would be sailing in a very reclined posture. It would also have to be easily removable. I wanted a centerboard rather than a leeboard which I plan to fit at an angle to give me a backrest for when I'm trolling or just anchored ...SPEAKING of trolling.!!  I bought a small trolling motor, I was horrified when I felt the weight, PLUS I had to buy a marine battery and the weight in that was even more worrying, but I have to admit, that extra inch in height has really made this possible and I trolled around one of our many local lakes catching all sorts of pan fish on a little spinner, absolutely wonderful, I was in my element.

Later that same day I towed my wife in her OSS around the lake, fantastic.  I am amazed at the amount of people who comment on the boats, they just love them, it makes me feel very proud when they ask where I got it and when I say I made it, they really flip...course you have to keep one eye on the power boaters wakes, but they are more fun than scary.

Thanks Herb.

And here are some shots of my little boat

Easy to transport easy to store, .. we thought the wood finish looked best

Bread box

I had an Idea for a bread box too.. I drew out a rough sketch and set about building this thing. I knew how I wanted it to look but didn't really have any Idea how to construct it. The final result was exactly what I had in mind, I'm very pleased with the final results considering I didn't have any plans. 

breadbin.jpg (30117 bytes)


Bird feeder

Wife wants a birdfeeder.. wife gets birdfeeder!!  This turned out pretty cool as I screwed up some measurements (only measured once) I now need to find a way stop the squirrels stealing the seed..  By the way.. I nearly lost my thumb making this.. I will refrain from showing the picture, although I do think it looks pretty cool!

feeder.jpg (26237 bytes)

Lotus replica

Here are some pics of the project, it's a Lotus 7. My Father in Law is planning on building a full scale one soon so this seemed like a nice Idea for a Christmas present.. actually it's looking so good I will be heartbroken to see it go.!!  Just needs headlights and the windshield and it's done.  Made from wood, an aerosol can and a coat hanger with a few nuts and bolts here and there

lotus.jpg (33330 bytes)

Here are some shots of the finished product, I am really pleased with the final result. Again, no plans, just an image in my head.. although I did eventually find a plan drawing which was really handy for proportion.  Father in law was pleased too.

car.jpg (20686 bytes)  car1.jpg (19054 bytes)  carchair.jpg (20436 bytes)

 And I threw in a squirrel feeder for the Mother in law :o)

I also plan on making a miter saw bench using the 4'x4' cut off from the bench surfacing wood.. I only have a rough Idea what I want but have sketched out a plan.. if it turns out ok I will put the plans on here.

To be continued.....